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Weird Bluetooth Keyboard Problem

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Hey All,


Got 10.4.9 Working by PPF patching the Tubgirl 1048 with the patch which was out today. Now working like a charm with no slowdowns.


However, I've come across a major problem. I have the MX5000 Bluetooth Desktop Set (MX5000 bluetooth keyboard, and MX1000 Bluetooth Laser Mouse). The mouse connects just fine no problems at all.


The keyboard, connects fine, I enter the passcode I'm prompted to and mac says its all connected fine. However, none of the actual keys (i.e. talking all the keys used in typing) will actually work. I know this dosen't seem to make sense but I'm sure that the keyboard is connected because the 'Suspend' button (the crescent moon) brings up the shut down dialog when pressed, and when I disconnect using the keyboards connect button I see on screen confirmation that the keyboard has disconnected.


I know that the first time I tried to connect the bluetooth keyboard, IT said it needed to recognise my keyboard and asked my to press the key next to the Left Shift, I tried doing so but as described above the key did not work nor any other for that matter apart from the suspend key.


I'm really stumped as I have no idea what could be causing this, the keyboard works flawlessly in windows (from which I am now typing this) but in mac its something else.




// Xeijin

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Well managed to get this solved, it seems that this is a problem among mac users in general with the MX5000 keyboard. The way I solved it was to use the Bluetooth Stick that logitech give you, then instead of connecting via. Bluetooth, press the connect button on each peripheral and then the connect button on the actual stick itself. This bypasses the OS X stack and seems to route directly through the bluetooth stick. This method has the added benefit of making your keyboard/mouse work through the initial bootup (i.e. from BIOS) when no bluetooth drivers are loaded.

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