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os x 10.4.8 support RAID SATA HFS+? (Hackintosh)

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Ok, what I am planning on doing is installing Windows VISTA on a NTFS formatted HDD (SATA).


Then I am installing JaS OS X 10.4.8 on a HFS+ formatted HDD (IDE).


I have a 3 more HDD (internal, all SATA... 2x300gb & a 400gb) that I am going to format to HFS+ and have full access to in both windows and OS X thanks to MacDrive 7, which allows windows to view/read/write HFS+ formatted drives in Windows. These drives will be storage for pics/music/documents/video


My question is this: can I put my 2x300gb drives (identical drives) in a RAID config that osx10.4.8 will recognize under HFS+, and that windows will also recognize in HFS+ via MacDrive?


(Also, if anyone knows of any issues or problems I may encounter by using HFS+ formatted drives in windows for non-application/system files, please let me know. I have tested it briefly and I can't see any problems, but maybe someone knows? In Windows I would be running Adobe Premiere video projects on the HFS+ drives (accessible in windows via MacDrive) and using as storage. In the MAC I would be using the same drives also with Adobe Premiere CS3 but also Final Cut Pro, and for storage.


For the RAID... my specs are in my sig. SATA on my mobo does not work upon install in OS X, but is fully functional once I install the nforce 4 SATA patch.


Please let me know about these things, and the RAID config.



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