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  1. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    I have a XFX 9800GT /w 512mb. QE / CI both work but every time i try to change resolution I get stuck at a blue screen. Once I reboot the computer, the display settings are set to the new resolution. I've tried with EFI strings and with just NVinject on both Kalyway 10.5.2 and iDeneb 10.5.5 both with the same results. Any ideas?
  2. install osx first. or consider purchasing a mac.
  3. Strange Firewire Problem

    I had the same probem with windows xp once. it turned out to be a crappy Via firewire chip.
  4. A Kia is less of a car because its a Kia. Interms of 'engineering' yes windows is less of an OS because its a windows. Now take your crappy Kia and leave our illegal street race.
  5. InsanelyHacked!

    Those Darn Hackers! It would be quite ironic if they worked for Apple.
  6. I'm just about to try the same thing right now. I'll let you know how it works out.
  7. Hi, I have an x1900 All in Wonder id 7249. Using JaS 10.4.8 I get QE/CI @ 1024x768 /w mouse tearing out of the box. The card itself has one DVI port and one 'Breakout' cable that has a VGA and VIVO connectors. When I use the JCcool method (aswell as boris and natit methods) I get a black screen on both the DVI and VGA connectors. I have not tried a DVI>VGA adapter yet because I dont have one atm. I noticed some posts about swapping in an old version of ATINDRV.kext from 10.4.5 but as soon as I do that I get the same black screen. I remember I used to get full support on 10.4.6 through the VGA connection. Any help would be awsome. Thanks Edit: Got It Werkin! JCcool your the man! Used version .3 installer. Works via vga on breakout cable with bad gamma, used switchres x to add my widescreen res. strange thing is that it detects my monitor over the dvi cable and its EDID capabilites and says its online but there is just a black screen/powersave mode, any ideas? Cheers (yer the man)
  8. Halo UB now available!

    -Word, your mad excused dude.
  9. Macbook Gaming

    Get a girlfriend!
  10. InsanelyMac is live!

    Now as for creating somthing: I'd be totaly hyped for creating some flashed out Information System with quick access to tutorials and technical information. I think there is a certain level of frustration that comes with trying to configure ones new OSX installation which sorta goes against the mac 'It Just Works' ideal. If there were say PDF'd tutorials that one could download and say preview that could be distributed alongside any files required for said configurations I beleave that would be a major step forward. This I beleave would be a more hobbiest frendly approch and would serve to clean up alot of the clutter in the forums. As per site redesign I am totaly willing to extend my services to this endevor (for free of course).
  11. InsanelyMac is live!

    Forgive me for saying so but all this hype is insanely {censored}. I think someone should find a decent multimedia person who frequents this site and uses a mac perhaps to help make something truly stellar out of the dataset that is this site. as it stands it takes way to long to pull info out of this forum (i.e. If i have an x1800 and want it to work properly). if its a matter of money holding this revolutionary redesign back we could hold a fund raiser.
  12. {censored}, instead of porting Cedega thay have made a wrapper for developers. this means that I still cant play any of the old games I love on my mac as well as I'd have to by a $3000 mac to play any game which utilizes the cider engine, reason? very few new games will play on a GMA950. I'd keep my eye on Crossover Office. they look like they know what there doing and all they need todo is incorperate the same *nix implimentation of DirectX that Transgaming licensed and then we'd really have a product we could rave about. I remember they day I bought Cedega for linux, it was nice. To bad they didnt to it again for OSX. I would like to take the time to send my utmost respect to all the people involved with the Wine project who donated there time to this cause and never received a penny.
  13. Good Luck! when you find out tell me how so I can kill those sceen watchers from OSX
  14. has anyone tried the beta of Crossover Office Mac yet? it says on thier website that due to be released this month & that it has supprt for Half-Life 2.
  15. I'll bet wine is faster then rosetta in this scenario.