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Video card problem[Intel GMA 3000][965GM-DS2]


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On your installation DVD chek System> Installation> Packages> and find something like: "...GMA.900.Support.pkg".

Use that better than other, it may solve your problem.


I install that..also GMA950.support.pkg..but its still 1024x768..and i got 19"wide screen could go 1440x900 i wish


any idea?? thanks!!

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Hey... i was going into the same problem...


i try lot of methods.... but the only one that realy worked was installing

the Diabolik GMA FIXER you can find this on his webpage.. just do a search on the forum

or look for me on the MSN and i will transfer for you.


but here is what you should do...


first of all go to /System/Libary/ then DELETE the file named Extensions.kextcache

the go to the folder named /Extensions and delete all files with the Apple.Intel915* or Apple.950*

and the file named AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext


after doing that install the DiaboliK GMA fixer... after doing that

run the DISK UTILITY and repair permissions then REBOOT


it works for me.. but i got a GMA900 graphic card ... yours is different but maybe it works...



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