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I installed osx86 on my pc and everthing works just fine I even got the sound driver to work, it's all working great accept for the ethernet lan.


My computer is a:

2,4C GHz P4

ABIT IS7 (which the computer most of the time think is a IS7-G, and yes, it has the Gigabit Lan that a normal IS7-G should have but it only have two SATA ports, strange but hey it works just fine)

So the (inbuilt) networkcard is a 3Com 3C940 Gigabit LOM

the rest: 1024RAM 6800NU(@16/6) and two HDD (one SATA and one PATA)


When I've been reading at this forum and around the net I've found some ambiguous results some people seem to have made the 3C940 work and others have not, so basically what i wonder is if there is any way to make it work, or if I just simply should buy a card that will?

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