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  1. This is the charity organization that I support on a monthly basis. http://www.utangranser.se/templates/aboutug.asp?artid=94582 I think they have a very good approach in fighting poverty, the only problem for this very website to support them is that their information is pretty much all in Swedish. It would, however, be nice if someone could find a similar English organization.
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    Unofficial Sticker

    Made some as well (the last one is a transparent version of the first one)
  3. sorry can't help myself, here's one more if someone wants to give any feedback it's very welcomed
  4. It's close to 1 am where I'm hanging around (sweden) and when you can't sleep you do stupid things like wallpapers If anyone by some reson think this wallpaper looks better then worse and would like to have it with some other text in the middle just say the word and you got it
  5. netnop

    Broadcom 570x and 575x

    If anyone can confirm that this will work with the BCM5750, I will make the happy dance for 1hour and then sacrifice some bread and cattle in tinheads name, or at least be somewhat glad =)
  6. I purchased the SWEEX LC100060 usb wireless device and got i to work prefectly with ralink drivers on my IBM T43 with native installed os x 10.4.3 8F1009 It only cost me 199 swedish krona, that's 25 USD or 21 EUR for you non-swedish people. and merry christmas everyone =)
  7. I installed osx86 on my pc and everthing works just fine I even got the sound driver to work, it's all working great accept for the ethernet lan. My computer is a: 2,4C GHz P4 ABIT IS7 (which the computer most of the time think is a IS7-G, and yes, it has the Gigabit Lan that a normal IS7-G should have but it only have two SATA ports, strange but hey it works just fine) So the (inbuilt) networkcard is a 3Com 3C940 Gigabit LOM the rest: 1024RAM 6800NU(@16/6) and two HDD (one SATA and one PATA) When I've been reading at this forum and around the net I've found some ambiguous results some people seem to have made the 3C940 work and others have not, so basically what i wonder is if there is any way to make it work, or if I just simply should buy a card that will?