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No DHCP IP on AirPort-MacBook

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Weird stuff.

I am on a vacation/trip, took the wife's MacBook, at hotel.

Can see many wireless networks available via NetStumbler as well as AirPort indicator.

I try to 'join' or connect, cannot pull IP address.

I force an IP and can get a connection.

This is OK for home, I'd guess, but in this situation, I am 3,000 miles from home.

Public Wi-Fi, any Wi-Fi should just plain work, no?

No WEP or WPA or ANY security is on any of the connections I am trying to connect to.

I can verify settings via ifconfig, and use of hard wired ethernet to connect to web, etc.

Hard wired is fin, pulls IP, A-OK.


I searched Google for hours, seems like a lot of people have similar issues, and all go unanswered.




I'd like to take my MacBook with me anywhere in the world, open it up, connect to a free Wi-Fi connection.


I have manually gone into Internet connection, poked around, no difference.

Also, via System Preferences/Network, no difference.

(AirPort does not have an IP address and cannot connect to the Internet).


Anyone have an answer how to get this to work?


I have no issues anywhere with a IBM Thinkpad.

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As a follow up, being that there seems to be no replies here, as well as seemingly the rest of the world also, could someone offer a suggestion as to how to allow a Macbook wireless laptop to connect to ANY wireless Wi-Fi hotspot, Starbucks, hotels, anywhere, any wireless, via DHCP, without knowing the originating source access point/router IP to set a manual address?

I am in Silicon Valley this week and hope to bump into an Apple Head to help, but sheesh.....if people gotta use a Mac (I am a convert from PC), how and why is it so difficult, with no apparent simple answer.


Should it not be like the radio, TV, turn it on, watch it, listen, use it. I shouldn't have to be a TV & Radio repairman to watch/listen TV & radio, why am I being expected to do so with a wireless connection on a Mac?

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You probably installed the airport update 2007-002 (?)

I had the same problem on my Macbook and my D-link wifi router. The thing is, this update must be messing something up in a way that it makes it very difficult or even impossible to connect to any router other than an Apple airport. There are long threads about this issue on other sites. (Curiously not on here). Anyway, Apple still owes us a fix but i haven't heard any news yet.


I couldn't afford to wait for a fix so I re-installed OSX from scratch. Of course I now avoid this airport update...

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have you tried taking into the "genius" bar. hey it wont hurt to let them have a look at it

Somebody mentioned the Airport update issue ever so briefly a couple of weeks ago, basically warning people with hackintosh laptops to not install it. That was about it.

It probably takes a genius to dissect and debug this update - and then sell a corrected version back to Apple :D


here's one of those long threads I was referring to



btw the users on this thread mostly mention WPA issues and specifically D-link routers but I can confirm from myself and other Macbook users that the update also made the IP assignments on unprotected wifi networks very flaky.


EDIT: apparently there is a 2007-003 update out for a couple of days which *supposedly* solve the 2007-002 issue. I can't confirm this since I don't feel like taking the risk gunning my wifi down to *maybe* bringing it back up with this latest update. I can still only see 2007-002 in my update list. Any takers?

good luck :huh:

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I appreciate the replies.


I looked at some of the discussions referenced here in the links provided, and I see others too are having the same problem


On one hand, I relieved it's not only me, (thinking I did something or hardware is flakey), but on the other hand pissing me off.


I see referenced if an update was done, it may be affected. Others say, it may have been a security update.


In any event, one would think that with the large amount of affected users, there would be a priority to address and resolve the issue (read: Apple may be sleeping).


Additionally, with the market share getting more PC users to try out a MAC, and Leopard ready to jump into the arena, it's a sad state of affairs for something like this to be going on for such a long time with resolution. Very very sad.


I attempted the new patch, no resolve.


I attempted repairing of disk permissions, Zap PRAM, repair permissions again, no resolve.


So, hacking IP's, and manually using fixed addresses works, but not consistently, yada, yada, yada.


Woe is me.

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wow this is horrible, i cant believe apple would let this go on, i wish i had this problem so i could run down to one of the three apple stores here in san diego and just let them have it, ive been ticked off at apple ever since the idiot at the genius bar told me to keep my lid on my macbook pro c2d closed with a piece of tape because the latch on it broke

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What to do?

Sad, but will this 1 issue be an indicator for the way it will be, or the way it is expected to be?

Very disappointing, especially after being converted from the IBM/PC world to the Mac, and having to deal with no resolutions, acknowledgements, and fixes.

Sure, the fix referenced in the previous posts may somewhat address it, but if it don't fix it, and it was addressed, it ain't the solution.

Come on Apple, don't you want to keep your head high, and keep on running those great TV commercials to keep getting the PC folks to consider switching to Macs......if you start acting like Microsoft, then it might be back to the Lisa days for you......

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OK, today I am in Calistoga, drove up from Los Gatos (Silicon Valley), and after doing all of the things referenced here previously, and it not doing anything helpful, now it all seems to be working as it should.


I'd assume that maybe it could have been partially due to the hotel I was at, (I still had to do the forced IP there, no DHCP IP would pull.....and I've seen that on odd routers).


However, by doing the update, doing the repair, the reset, etc., all now seems to be OK.


I sure hope it stays that way.

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