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Multiple non-existant Ethernet cards.


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I've recently installed Mac OS X x86 10.4.6 HoTiSO Edition on a PC running with a 3GHz P4 and 2GB RAM.


Overall, the OS seems to work fairly well so far, and considerably faster than my old 300MHz G3!

The problem is the getting it to connect to my home network. Everytime I click the Network icon

in System Preferences, Mac OS X keeps claiming it's found another PCI Ethernet card!


So much so, it now lists numerous Ethernet cards that don't exist, I don't know which one is the

real one to configure the network with! I can't access the internet on it, or my Windows shares!




I've tried unchecking and deleting the surplus, non-existant Ethernet card entries in the list, but

they keep reappearing back as quick as I'm trying to get rid them! Is this a known issue?


The network card installed on this machine is a ... "Realtek RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter".


Any ideas what I should do to resolve this problem? Is there a relevant 10.4.x Hackintosh update

that might cure this annoying issue, or are there any specific drivers that needs to be installed

in Mac OS X x86 10.4.6 to get this particular ethernet card to work?

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