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mouse and scrolling problems


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well i installed OS X yesterday, jas 10.4.8

all works wel so far except that when i scroll in pages, menus whatever then it won't really scroll the whole page but only the bottom part, and only after i minimize and reopen the window ill be able to see the page im actually looking at.

also when i drag a window it will also not show it's contents well until i minimize and open again.

and the weirdest when i scroll or drag fast, with fast movements then it usually works better.

i tried smooth scrolling on/off...

i hope what i said was understood.

im using a usb mouse, but that shouldn't be the problem,

and using an old geforce1 256 DDR with 32MB, haven't changed it's drivers, mainly because i don't know which drivers to use, all the info about agp geforces is for newer generation.

but do you think that the video drivers are the issue?

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Yup, it's time to upgrade, bro. No use trying to get that rustly old pup to work.

If you're looking for a economic solution, I would recommend you get an NVidia Geforce 6200FX or better. I found one for 39.- Euros.





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Also had that problem. Removing GeForce.kext fixed it.




I did not remove NVDANVxxHAL.kext, only GeForce.kext. Also I didn't delete it, just moved it from the folder it was in.


ok i tried different titan and natit drivers and nothing seemed to work.

it was just as simple as you said delete those files

i actually deleted(moved) the NVDANVxxHAL.kext as well, didn't seem to give a bad effect.

until i can get a better GFX card , i guess this is a good solution

So thanks.

now just to get wifi going...

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