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Onboard GF6100 - supported?

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I've succesfully installed JaS 1.4.8 on virtual VMWare partition with everything working and now I'd like to install it natively. I assume that my config is quite compatible with native OS X install (A64 3000+ with SSE3, nForce4 with AL888 and RTL8201CL, PATA HDD and PATA DVD-RW). But I can't find a single note on the Internet about GeForce 6100 (onboard) working with NATIT/TITAN/MACVIDIA...


I'm not going to install OS X natvely until I know that my hardware would be fully supported. So...


Is there a way to enable QE/CI on GF6100?

Or is there a chance that it will be possible in near future?

Or should I just grab a cheap $20 ATI x300 card?

Or should I grab something like x1600 or 7600 to achieve full productivity/smoothness?


Thanks in Advance.

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I've got essentially the same system and could never get the onboard video supported under MacOS. I ended up getting this card to use instead:




It worked better than I expected, with full QE/CI, resolution change, and even TV/DVI all working perfectly. Its also pretty fast for games in XP if you open the 4 unused pipelines. Note that this is not a crappy turbocache model, but has real 128-bit onboard memory. For the price, its unbeatable.

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