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Apple OSX 10.4.8 install not detecting harddrive(s)

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So I formatted the harddrive (300gb).


I made one partion about 17gb and made it FAT32, and the rest I left unpartition for now.


Basically, the install disk boots, I get to the EULA screen, press agree, then it gives you the option to pick the harddrive but there's nothing in the list and the "options" button on this screen is greyed out.


Computer is,


3800x2 AMD (Socket 939)

1gb generic Samsung Ram

Nvidia 6200TC

Asus SLI Premium motherboard

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No, not showing any info.


After doing some research on the wikipedia entry for hardware compatibility, it's apparent that the chipset on this motherboard has problems with SATA and OSx, so I'll try one of my spare IDE harddrives.


Thanks for the help. :)

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