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Ethernet not cooperating


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I had my first experience with JaS OS X today! (10.4.7... I had it around)


It installed fine on my computer, however I had three problems:


-Network: No interface was found


-Display: My Radeon 9800XT was recognized, but I was unable to choose the correct resolution.


-Sound: My Creative X-Fi was not found


Since then I have fixed my display to the point where the correct resolution is displayed, and things look great.. except Quartz and such are not enabled on my card. Is this just because my card is old? It seems like it _should_ be able to handle it..


I installed the viarhine drivers for my network card. OS X now recognises the network card, and correctly identifies it's MAC address. Link is shown both on my switch and my NIC.. however I am not able to acquire a DHCP IP address. I am also not able to ping other computers after manually setting my IP / gateway / etc correctly.


My main concern is the network, for now. Is there anything I can do about this?

If it helps at all, I have a OpenBSD (pf) box setup as my router running the standard DHCPD. My computer plays great with the router in XP, FreeBSD, and Slackware. My OS X 10.4 (Powermac G4) computer plays fine with it as well.


Is there anything I can do about this?

I absolutely love OS X, and I wouldn't like to go back to any other operating system. Network access is very essential, however.. so I need it to work.


I am also a sound guy. While there are probably never going to be X-fi drivers, can anyone recommend a sound card that would work great and is great on the ears?

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- You could try installing OSX 10.4.8. I would recommend tubgirl's "release" for AMD and JaS for Intel CPUs.

- Your networking issues may not be fixable, but you could buy a cheap PCI LAN adapter as an alternative (it's not a real solution, I know). You have a good chance of fixing it if it is listed as compatible in the wiki compatibility list, though.

- IFAIK, soundblaster cards are not supported by OSX and probably never will be (unless a miracle happens and OSX is released for PCs)

- Your video card should work with AGPGart + Callisto. Search the forum. There are a lot of guides for ATI cards out there.


Good luck,



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