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Kext Installation


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Hi Boy's


I have a logitech mx510 optical mouse on a dell running os x 10.4.8 and after I install the official software of logitech, the mouse don't appear in the system preference panel, after make few test, isolate the problem, is about a kext file, I replace them with the finder in /system/library/extensions and repair permissions with disk utility tool, when restart the system work great, but in the second restart appear the error in the image attached.


you can help me to make the replacement of the kext file correctly?


P.D. I try the pacifist too with non results.


thank so much for you help.


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I try too, terminal commands, but the terminal dont's work, in the image attached is an example of the error, and i can't try to repair with the chmod commands


what a hell i do ?


any ideas, thank's a lot, for you support


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Try the following:


Open the hard disk on desktop, navigate to /System/Library


then delete the following files:





(If a box appears about permissions hit authenticate and type in your password)


Then open Applications, then open the 'Utilities' folder inside, then double click on 'Disk Utility'.


Once it loads, select the drive OS X boots from on the left, and click 'Repair Disk Permissions'.


Once its complete, reboot and see if the problem is fixed.

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