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I have an pre-installed vista system.

Then i have made an 2nd partion to install osx on it.

So far so good, but now the computer always boot in osx.

I don't have an vista DVD install, so I can't do an repair startup.

Can this be fixed?

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you try use F8 before boot OSX to change disk boot



I suggest using the diskutility in OSX to set your Vista partition active. That should solve the problem. You may get a "cannot find system components" on boot.

Then you do need to use the Vista install DVD to repair. Just start the installation of Vista, when you get past the language settings there is an option to repair. It will find you Vista and repair the boot sector.

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You have to use a bootloader no matter what to choose between OSX and Vista. You might as well just go ahead and use the Darwin loader since that is what your system is doing.


Just alter your com.apple.Boot.plist so that it has some time for you to choose an Operating System.



1. Goto Library>Preferences>SystemConfiguration>com.apple.Boot.plist

2. COPY that to your desktop

3. Edit the desktop version to look like this:




<key>Kernel Flags</key>


<key>Boot Graphics</key>


<key>Quiet Boot</key>





4. Drag the edited version back to the SystemConfiguration Folder

5. Yes, you want to replace the existing file.

6. Repair Permissions

7. Reboot.


If you want a longer delay or shorter, edit the "10" above (between the <strings>) to however many seconds you want it to be.

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Your mbr seems a bit messed up. I would get the Ultimate Boot Disk and then use a bootloader. I myself used Acronis Disk Director (not on that CD). Or you could try a dos boot disk and do fdisk /mbr but that might make things worse

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get some cheapo ATA hdd and install OSX in it. then use the boot menu to choose which hdd to boot up from. that's how i set my dual XP/OSX. should work with vista/OSX too i think.

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a fix mbr may make it worse, I agree. you may not be able to boot into anything after that. You get exactly what I told you (above) when you re-activate the windows partition. at this point you need to repair with a Vista install DVD. I had the same situation.

You mentioned this is an OEM. if the image is still on the drive on a hidden partition you may be able to to make a Vista disk with the Toshiba stuff you have? not sure. it's possible with Dell's notebooks.


I am afraid that even if you use a bootmanager you still get the same message. the bootmanager will sit before the vista bootloader and the vista bootloader will still face the same problem with the partition table.


ask a friend, neighbor, collegue for a Vista disk. All you need it for is the repair.


last option is to fiddle around with the partition table. You may have to fix a letter or position of the Vista partition. All that info is out there. But this is high-risk stuff and I'd only use this if it's absolutely impossible for you to get a Vista disk (it really shouldn't be impossible).


good luck


read this:


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