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CI/QE works with nvidia GF 5600XT?

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Hi everybody!!!!


I've just installed mac os x 10.4.8 in my pc: P4 2,6ghz ,p4p800 (bios 1021 beta), 512 mb ram, nvidia fx 5600xt,maxtor 80 gb ata,plextor px 755a...all work great...BUT the CI/QE aren't supported by my video card...Why???? My video driver was the titan...i've changed to the natit...but the problem doesn't want leave me...i used others methods...the problem is the same!!! what can i do????



Adesso parliamo nella mia lingua...

Ho installato mac 10.4.8 sul mio pc: P4 2,6ghz ,p4p800 (bios 1021 beta), 512 mb ram, nvidia fx 5600xt,maxtor 80 gb ata,plextor px 755a...tutto funziona bene...apparte il CI/QE..che non sono supportati dalla mia scheda video.che viene riconosciuta correttamente..Ho usato i driver titan...poi i natit e infine ho usato altri metodi per far funzionare le due opzioni...ma non è cambiato nulla...Che posso fare? le due opzioni dovrebbero essere supportate.ma c'è qualcosa che non funziona correttamente...non c'è un modo per forzarle???

Grazie a tutte le risposte!!!!



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Yes, sure! It was inside the jas pack....the version of kernel is the 8.8.1,right?


SI certo! Era incluso nel pacchetto Jas...la versione del kernel è la 8.8.1,giusto?


Thanks for the reply...


Grazie della risposta!




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to have success first u remove geforce.kext, nvdaresman, all nvdanv..hal 10, 20,30,40, titan or natiti or nvidiaefi. now u can boot in vesa mode. right?


so now u copy the three driver kext.. geforce nvdanv30hal and nvdresman in addition to natit (v1 or v2) or nvidiaefi.


run the permmissions.command script


reboot.. know qe & ci should work.




edit: instead of using my kext (i'm using 10.4.9) try to edit the iopcimatch of your 10.4.8 with the iopcimatch 0x031410de.


edit2: Just one important thing i didn't regongnize. you have intel board so u have to delete agpgart.kext.


once u get qe / ci tell me if dual view is working

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