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  1. GTX 750 Ti

    same card , same clocks, normally yes but there could be revisions versions with same commercial name but other specifications everything you need is at the website above..tools, procedures etc. a lot of reading and investigating is waiting for you. have fun
  2. GTX 750 Ti

    should work with all drivers supporting this card! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- of course its ready to flash. you should minimum check before flashing if my tdp base clock and boost clock are not higher than your default ones to not OC the card but i would recommend to check all the tables to be sure. from your questions i suspect you should have a read at https://www.techpowerup.com about GPU flashing and recovering
  3. GTX 750 Ti

    Hello I had same problem as described by J Lamp with ultralaser's rom. i ended trying all the roms i found over the web. The well known brick and repair way unfortunately no rom worked until someone near to me with a gt750ti strix "version without 6 pin power supply" passed me his rom and it worked. so here is the rom that works for me. i edit everything with keplerbios tweaker to match the default settings of ASUS GTX750Ti OC with 6 pin power supply and everything is working fine on Windows and OS X. happy flashing mi.rom.zip
  4. 10.7.4 is OUT !

    long time ago .. usb
  5. Autosleep-Script

    Hola KWS Happy new year..... it looks like it is working properly...... thx salu2
  6. Autosleep-Script

    even with lan unplugged.... always TrafficOut of en0 0 no sleep command!! ???
  7. Autosleep-Script

    thats what i get Server$ bash /Users/Server/Desktop/TestLAN.sh this one via remote desktop en0 TrafficOut 528 en1 TrafficOut 0 fw0 TrafficOut 0 Server$ bash /Users/Server/Desktop/TestLAN.sh without remote desktop en0 TrafficOut 0 en1 TrafficOut 0 fw0 TrafficOut 0 Server$ bash /Users/Server/Desktop/TestLAN.sh en0 TrafficOut 78733242 exit en0 whats strange is even if i disable the ethernet port in bios there is definitely no traffic and it should sleep.. but it doesn't
  8. Autosleep-Script

    mmmhhhhhhhhh still no go.... i played with NetVal=20000 # Treshold for Network-Traffic in Byte/s going up to 90000 no change at all..... so i tried just to unplug lan cable and ..... no network traffic but no sleep... so as nobody of the other downloaders gave a feedback i assume it must be something with my two test systems!!.. well KWS you did not confirm that its working for you i have no script skills but i can make few more test if you like.. thx salu2
  9. Autosleep-Script

    this is how it looks like # Network-Interfaces for Interface in "en0" "en1" "fw0" # Net do IArray=( "${IArray[@]}" $Interface ) done
  10. Autosleep-Script

    yes its recognized on en0 en1 and fw0.. but both systems i tried doesn't enter into sleep.. one 10.6.8 the other 10.7.2. the network interface are detected correctly. salu2
  11. Autosleep-Script

    i did that, without joy salu2
  12. Autosleep-Script

    hey KWS thx for the update....... but sorry to say that my machine 10.6.8 isn't sleeping with the updated sleep.sh. i tried going up to 90000 but no effect... replacing with old sleep.sh working as before any suggestions?? edit: tried disable the wake op on lan access in system settings, energy saver ... without success edit2: tried on my 10.7.2.. doesn't work
  13. Autosleep-Script

    Its the remote one which sleeps, not the one i'm watching on. In other words: i have hack "homeserver" where my media is located. This hack use kws to autosleep. If other pc mac access the server to use the itunes share o run direct an avi from hd share it should stay on but it sleeps. If i make a timemachine backup on that hd share it works perfect.. After backup is done the server sleeps.. So if you just read from the server = serve goes into sleep If you write to the server = server awake Maybe now its clearer Salu2
  14. Autosleep-Script

    Great ... working again .. on my 10.7.2 Questions: i have osx installed on a box as a remote server 10.6.8 using a airport extreme so i can take advantage of the bonjour proxy service.. my problem is that if i access files on the shares of the server... "playing a movie" it will sleep. so i tried to set applefileserver:1 smbd:1 and Applevncserver:1 and it looks that it keeps longer until it sleeps but i can't go smaller than 1. Kwssleep monitors downloading net traffic, maybe the easiest way would be if its possible to monitor the upload too. anyway thx for the update Salu2
  15. Autosleep-Script

    oooooooohhhh this are bad news... thx KWS for your work.