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Missing Letters


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Intel 865G chipset

Intel Extreme Graphics 2

OSX 10.4.1 w/o update:


(different box, same chipset as mine)


Experiences missing letters. Mine was doing this also, but the problem went away. Sadly I didn't record my changes, but it could have something to do with the 10.4.3 pseudo update I'd applied to one machine and not the other.


This issue is also unique to this chipset.


My sony vaio: intel 855gm, intel 855gm graphics (0x35828086) running 10.4.1 + 10.4.3 pseudo-update never experienced this issue. Quite strange.


Just curious if anyone else has experienced this, and if they've found a reason/fix.


Note: The only editing of the images done was to the ichat buddy list and the fast user switching for privacy.



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Yeah I saw this on one of my first installs of 10.4.1, I think that was language-pack related, though.. can't remember fixing it, so I assume a later install cured it..



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