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Mac OS X on Dell E1705/9400 on USB

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Anyone done this yet? I'm looking to try to install Mac OS X on an external USB drive using a Dell E1705/9400. I'm pulling down the image onto temporary space so that I can attempt this later on.


BTW, If you have attempted to do an install to a USB external drive then please give me your feedback and let me know if you were successful or not. I need to see what kind of chance I have.... If any at all.


Thanks guys.


Oh and since this is my first post I just also want to say Hi!

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my 10.4.9 running perfectly on my usb 2.0 40gb external hdd.

no need special att to install it.

just install usually...

don't install any driver, only system.

so you can use your ext hdd to another pc..

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