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  1. I have a Mac Mini 2011 model unit. I've been wrestling with an issue that I've had for quite a while and I'm running out of ideas. At this point I'm hoping that someone in the community has come across it and found a fix. The system will randomly wake up (usually in the am hours) from either sleep or shutdown state. As far as I can tell shutdown doesn't fully power off the machine and just puts it to sleep anyways. Can someone help me on this one? Even if you think I should of done a particular troubleshooting step ask anyways. It did it this morning but kernel logs showed no wake reason. Wake on network activity is currently disabled. Wake from bluetooth is disabled as well (I have no bluetooth sync'd to this unit anyways). As a test on theory I've installed sleepwatcher and set it up to shutdown mDNSResponder when the unit goes to sleep and to bring up the service again when the system wakes up. Tested that setup to make sure the scripts are triggered properly but in the meantime I would still like any other ideas that the community can offer. EDIT: This script doesn't work when the system does a full shutdown/startup but yet something is still waking it up so a permanent fix is going to be needed eventually so any help provided is appreciated.
  2. Good guide but is it possible to install this after Windows 7 is already present? I'm probably going to wipe the Ubuntu install on the drive and install Mac OS X instead. Current partition layout is as follows. [boot] *Active [Windows] [Extended] [Linux OS] [Linux Swap] Now for the new layout can it be this... [boot] [Windows] [Mac OS X] *Active Or does it have to be something more like... [boot] [Mac OS X] *Active [Windows]
  3. I used this guide but I have an issue. For some reason the auto resize keeps breaking. I have to reinstall vmware tools followed by guestd patches to make it work again and even then the fix seems temporary. Any ideas? I installed from a clean Mac OS X 10.6.3 install dvd image on a patched VMWare Workstation 7.1.4
  4. Last but not least (I forgot to mention it) if you get an error when opening VMWare Shared Folders then it means that it is disabled and/or doesn't have any folders listed for the VM. When you do turn it on make sure you shutdown then start the VM again and have it turned on all the time otherwise you will get an error when attempting to write to the shared folder. It will work fine after that.
  5. I'll add that save for a few minor hiccups it was install and go. I didn't need a disc to kickstart the VM and it boots Mac OS X like it was a native install. You do need to hunt down an audio driver if you want to have sound and you need a clean VMWare Tools iso which I have now.
  6. Mac OS X guest unlocker for VMware

    Yea. Get yourself a retail image. It will boot it clean now. No [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] or anything else needed. P.S. Works for 7.1.3. Thank you very much! EDIT: I just installed vmware tools (clean version from vmware fusion) and a couple of things clicked in right away. * Missing audio (although that can be taken care of by installing an appropriate audio driver) * Resolution changes from host window resizing doesn't take effect automatically. It tends to act as a rubber band by switching back. I can later go into display and change the resolution to the one it is supposed to be from the window resizing as a workaround. * CD-Rom drive isn't automounting. Fix is to set the drive to use SCSI instead of IDE. * VM Sleep mode causes the VM to freeze. Workaround is to go to power management and take both sliders down to never and to remove both checkboxes. I remember that issue from Donk's method too. * File drag and drop doesn't work. May not be supported in VMWare Tools for Mac since the options were not present in the vmware-tools-cli application. (/Library/Application Support/VMWare Tools/) Ok. One issue I have not yet worked around. Why does Safari (and maybe other apps) lockup within the VM? I can't seem to figure it out. (ex. adobe.com) Please note that the VM itself remains responsive. It's just Safari. There was a Safari update that I did install so my current release version is 5.0.3. Firefox itself seems to be working fine so this may very well be a Safari specific issue. No other notable issues that I can find right now. The disc image I used was 10.6.3. You can update to 10.6.5 safely and without issue.
  7. I had a bunch of problems creating a dmg on my system. What are you doing to create the dmg file? I have an original DVD to base it on.
  8. Try changing the following lines to false keyboard.vusb.enable mouse.vusb.enable smc.present Otherwise it looks fine. I had to disable the mouse since it didn't work. If you are using the link for snow leopard and vmware workstation 7 then it will include the voodoo ps/2 driver automatically so it works fine. Just make sure you give it plenty of time to boot and your patience will be rewarded.
  9. Actually I did a clean install of Snow Leopard 10.6 on VMWare Workstation 7 and it worked fine. I disabled the Virtual USB keyboard and mouse since I thought that might of been preventing the boot of the DVD. Note it does take a VERY long time for that DVD to boot for some reason although I was not using an image. I was using a purchased disc straight from Apple. It did load the Voodoo PS/2 driver from the darwin.iso automatically. I also applied the 10.6.2 combo update without issue. @sofakng -- use the 3rd link that isn't really "linked". You just need to copy/paste the url and that works fine. That is what I used to make it work. Note you won't have sound but once you install the VMWare Tools package you should have everything else.
  10. Thank you very much for this excellent guide. I had trouble at first but then it dawned on me to use the darwin.iso to actually boot the VM and then kick it over to the dvd. I got a retail (legit) Mac OS X 10.6 to do a new hackintosh from scratch but then found this goldmine of a guide. I used VMWare Workstation 7.0. Here are some things that work fine on my new install that was noted as not working previously. * Automatic resolution change on window resize started working automatically after reboot of the VM. * Shared folders work fine without altering the services.sh file. You will get an error that the folder doesn't exist but that only lasts as long as there are no shared folders to pickup on. * Sound doesn't work out of the box but I understand there is a kext to fix that. I'll live without since I only need it for testing purposes and sound isn't really important to me. I had done my 10.5 install with VMWare Workstation 6.5.3 and now it crashes on boot so I am going to scratch it. I had issues where it would lockup periodically and I had determined that sleep mode was kicking it. I read something that said to keep the VM from going into sleep mode but is that issue present with 10.6? EDIT: From a native unmodified install 10.6.2 update installs fine even with VMWare Tools installed.
  11. I have never personally had that issue with the Broadcom 440x ethernet adapter. I left it run for a while and it worked fine. I ended up switching out the wireless adapter though so it would work. My issue right now is with the sound. As of right now what is the best sigmatel 9200 codec file available out there? Alternatively what usb-based audio device do you recommend and how do I disable the internal sigmatel 9200 when using it? P.S. - I opted to not install 10.5.5. Right now I am running 10.5.4 and used the iATKOS v4i DVD to do the installation.
  12. EDIT: I'm removing this since  Mysticus C* has explained the reason behind this warning message.
  13. Ok. I've updated my signature. Obviously my wireless doesn't work. I havn't figured out that one and will likely just get a usb wireless adapter later on. I do have a compatible broadcom adapter but don't feel like reinstalling it right now... Maybe later on. Anyways I just would like it to report my battery correctly and what the power level is.
  14. Well I did it and it seems to work ok. I have a slight issue that is bugging me a bit. I only really picked 2 options here. Sound/Just Restore Sound Network/Just Restore Network System Functions/SMBIOS/MacBook Pro Note that I didn't pick the kernel. Why? The last time I did that the entire OS crashed and I had clone back my OS. Note that I took your advise and made 2 equal partitions when I started. One is my main and the second is a test install partition that I do my experiements on. Anyways my issue is as follows. The first is rather important. The OS is no longer picking up the batteries anymore. I used iATKOS v4i which is able to do that right away and provided accurate readings. I noted the AppleACPIPlatform.kext was changed to an older version than what was included. If I revert back is there any other files that have to be copied back from the backup? The second is minor and mostly cosmetic. When you bring up "About this Mac" I expect it to show my service tag for the serial number there when you click on the version. Anyways when I use the above smbios file it no longer does that. It instead displays some random serial that I don't recognize. I installed the netkas smbios when I originally installed.