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A few problems with Parallels

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hey guys,


I managed to set up Parallels on my osx86 machine to boot windows from a physical 20Gb partition (by modifying the .pvs file). Everything works, i.e. I can boot into windows from parallels and natively, but i have the following problems:


-If i install the mouse driver from parallels tools (included with 3188), when i boot natively the mouse does not work, as it loads this driver instead of the generic PS/2 /USB driver.


-On every boot, it seems to want to install parallels tools (I get the "Parallels tools is initializing...." image overlay at every bootup. This just results in more entries in my Windows bootloader on my external disk.


-I can no longer auto-shutdown, which it used to do. (for example, i get the "It is now safe to turn off your computer" message, Native and Virtualised, which is something which never used to happen.


- I also have problems mapping my combo drive to a virtual machine, but i think i can do this in the setup.


I was wanting to know if it would be possible to create my own Hardware Profile for Parallels under Windows? i managed to set one up before, and when i booted natively my mouse would work. However parallels seems to be insistent that you use its own. I have tried deleting its configuration it makes in the chain0 bootloader and making my own, but it just keeps re-creating them.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,



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my mouse doesn't work in parallels desktop too


but if i boot natively, it works



2 days ago I can get mouse work in new windows xp clean installed


but today I try to parallels with my old windows xp that I usually use


(same installlation disk with 2 days ago)


it can't use mouse(usb wired and wireless) but keyboard works


any suggestions?


thank you...

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The thing with Parallels is that it installs its own Mouse driver, if you want to reinstall the Parallels driver desinstall the actual driver, then reboot, or from menu click on install Parallels tools.

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