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    Almost complete, Any help?

    Nevermind, i just manned up and installed them anyway. it now recognises the battery correctly, and sleep work partially. I also managed to get sound working by enabling voodooHDA.kext and the prefpane file that goes with it. Just need to get video working on the GMA950 and everything is almost perfect! can anyone shed light on my video card issue?
  2. Hey there guys, i've managed to get OSX 10.5.8 installed on my lenovo S10-2 and it's working okay so far! only one problem: it identifies itself as a macpro, so therefore it doesn't have any battery life indicators, and no option to turn bluetooth on/off, can't close the lid without it crashing etc. I have the following kexts ready and at my disposal: AppleACPIBatteryManager.kext AppleACPIPlatform.kext EHCISleepEnabler.kext From the Lenovo S10 Extensions folder that is floating around, but as mine is an S10-2 im not sure whether it would be okay to install them. They are very similar in hardware though. Also, another issue. CI/Quartz partly works, but it is software rendered instead of hardware. hardware rendering worked in 10.5.5, so has anything changed? It identifies itself as: GMA950 Device ID 0x27ae Revision ID 0x0003 But if i load the AppleIntelGMA950.kext, the screen goes all garbled and corrupted. So, can anyone help me iron out the last few problems i have? thanks in advance!