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Help me please. I have a many problem

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Hello I'm from Thailand. I'm need help from here. Please help me!0eeeff42.gif


I'm use 10.4.7


1. I'm use Geforce FX 5200 128 MB. I don't know how to do it work.


- Install a driver

-- Edit Vendor&Device ID

--- repair permission


It correct?

I'm install driver allready but i don't know how to Edit Vendor&Device ID. Please advice me.


2. I'm use modem D-Link DU-562M How do it work on Mac OSX86


3. Today i install toast 8 but after install it not work! I can't open toast. 10.4.7 is not subport toast 8?


4. Where i can download iLife?


Today i install Mac OSX86 9 time.d79df121.gif


Thank for help me.Thank a lot4e5dd44a.gif

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