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SCSI U320 can't be seen in OSX install

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Hi everybody,

i've big problem with SCSI U320 Host controller. System is only scsi (no ide / sata). Osx DVD jas 10.4.8 semthex doesn't see any scsi card or disk attacched (xp can see 3 disks).

In an other running machine i've found a LSIUltra320.kext in extensions folder, but maybe it needs some hack...


How can i solve this trouble?


system is a Fujitsu-Siemens Celsius R610



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Hagar: not true.


Apple Xserve... dual xeons (woodcrest)

Supports SATA

SAS (serial attached SCSI... via LSI fusionMPT something... not exactly sure on the EXACT chip...)

and UltraSCSI320 via a PCI-X upgrade card that fits in one of the slots with the PCI-X riser.... It is LSI as well from what I understand...


LSI being further likely due to the fact of the kext.... and the fact that they make EFI versions of a few of their cards...... namely the fusionMPT stuff..... and it just so happens thats the stuff that is mentioned in the kext.


Also... the apple fiberchannel card also appears to be LSI.



I recently picked up a LSI 21320-IS Ultra 320 PCI-X133 card..... its the OEM version.. believe it was originally out of a dell...


haven't had time to play with it yet, but I've got a feeling it may work after a lot of farkin with it.... may have to flash it... but not sure yet....


Looking to run it in this mobo:




Don't have many of the parts yet... still working on fundage....



Hagar: Also, ATTO makes a few SCSI products for the mac pro..... both parallel U320 and SAS

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mine is the same system: dual xeon..


does the 2940UW could be a good choice?


*bashes head against wall*

Go ahead, waste your time.. but if you want to check it out first, see if there is actually any x86 code in those drivers.


The xserve route may have merit, I'm more than happy to reserve judgement on that, but I have a stack of SCSI cards (pci & pcix) none of which work with anything newer than 10.4.1.


There have been initiatives to port drivers from the released linux source, and I even heard a rumour someone had done it, but if it was easy, I'd be running it now.


Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see some progress on this front, but beyond what vladthebad suggested; hacking the driver out of os x server, or getting a pcie atto driver to work (which will probably require a natit-style EFI injector) , there really is no easy way to do it.

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Apple no longer ships Adaptec cards.... Adaptec no longer makes cards with OS X support except on the PowerPC side.


Apple uses LSI for both SAS on the xserve... and then the optional PCI-X U320 card..


Both are FusionMPT stuff... there are FusionMPT LSI EFI card drivers you can flash onto the cards..... supposely for itanium systems... don't know how similar EFI on itanium is to EFI on apple's stuff, but its one thing I'm going to look into with my card.....


Anyways, if you look in your kernel extensions, there are LSI drivers... and looking into the plist, you'll see mention of fiberchannel, SAS and U320.... there is also the megaraid command in the command line that is used to configure U320/SAS, hardware RAID etc in the Xserves......


Go ahead and run the megaraid command... it tries to run, sees that there is on adapter present then quits. Getting that far tells me that it IS compiled for intel.... so the support SHOULD be there.... now, depending on specific card, and device ID... i'm not sure what our success rate is going to be. Furthermore... SCSI cards in general have more low level drivers than most other cards, since you want to be able to rebuild arrays without even being in the operating system in case it can no longer fully boot, etc.....


I have ABSOLUTELY ZERO confidence that the Adaptec stuff will work.


I'm still fairly confident that the LSI stuff WILL....... but it may be quite a fight yet.


I can't seem to find device ID's in any of the LSI Plists.... so may have to hex edit something to get the device ID to be seen.... I hope to throw my LSI card into a machine tonight and see what I can get.....

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