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Use Safari to download youtube videos


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Hi people!


I found this tip totally by chance... it's not what i was originally searching... but i think it may be usefull

when you're watching a video on youutbe (onlu with safari) you can download it without any other apps and without visiting sites where u put the URL of the webpage and bla bla bla


just go to the Window menu and choose item 'activity'

there you find all the loaded instances of the current webpage and also (in case of youtube videos) you find the instances that are still loading. The diference between them is that the loaded objects show as 'object --- xxxkb' and the loading objects show as 'object ---- xxxkb of xxxkb' pretty cool uh?


well, just double click the loading object and it will open a new safari window

go to window > downloads and drag the url of the newly opened window into the downloads window.

Voilá... safari will start downloading the video for you ;) after the download is finished just ctrl+i and change the extension to .flv! if you (like me) use perian, you can watch it right from quicktime


that's it... hope it helps ;)

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