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Azalia not working for my sound card... (should work)

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I have a custom built laptop (from cyberpowerinc.com.) Its amd turion64 and an ATI IXP setup, SB450 to be exact. The audio shows up as ATI HD in my various bootable "pc info" tools. Its vendor id is 1002 and device id is 437b. The 0x437b1002 string is in the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext's Info.plist. So why isnt it loading up and working? Any ideas?


ps: This is a very fresh install. Just installed 10.4.8 yesterday from the JaS 10.4.8+PPF1+PPF2 iso. I also did the myzar update to 10.4.9 and it went flawless. I have the ATI ATA Drivers that I found on this forum and they work great, HDD is fast as can be. My video card shows up fine, ati 256meg x1600pro (ive got qe and all that.)





Strange enough after 2 more reboots sound is working great now. One thing I notice though, in System Profiler it says no built-in sound. Yet iTunes is playing my mp3's just fine?

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