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Monitor turns off after Apple logo screen


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Well I have a 5 year old computer and decided I'll put it into good use by running mac on it.


So I installed JaS 10.4.8 + Patch available at torrent-damage.


Anyways I installed it without X11 as I wanted to get it running first before I install X11.


So here's my problem: When I start it, it loads Darwin and then comes the Apple Logo Grey screen with the animated circle. Then all of a sudden the monitor just turns off (becomes black).


I have S.M.A.R.T Disabled, the Hard Drive is set as Primary Master and the DVD writer is set as Primary Slave. I also have a CD-ROM which is set as Secondary Master.


Here are the specs of my computer:

Gigabyte GA-8SIML Motherboard

Celeron (not D) 1.7 GHz (I checked with CPUZ and it says SSE2)

2x512 MB PC2100 DDR Ram

80 GB IDE Hard Drive

ATI Radeon 9200 AGP Graphics Card (I also have an onboard that is disabled).


I have 2 partitions on my Hard Drive. On one I have installed OSX the other is empty (for future windows xp installation).


Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated.

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i have the same problem, i have it dual booting with xp. the boot menu comes up and when i select os x it goes to the gray screen with the apple then just goes black ive left it for ages and nothing happens :s. im running :


amd 64 3400

ati radeon 9550


maxitor 20gb hd with my xp os on and a 150gb hd with partitions for os x, software and my files.

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You might want to try setting the graphics mode on boot. Press F8 to get to the boot options, and enter:


"Graphics Mode"="800x600x32"


(with the quotes)



i have the same problem on my toshiba with ati x1600, i installed the required drivers in installation. but the screen goes blank


help plz

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