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[help] "no HFS partition found"


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hi, I have installed OSX many times,when I use xp to start OSX(use "tboot" that stored in C:(master DISK Partition1) ,but the screen always prints"no hfs partition found"! And I have to restart my PC!

but I do have formate and change type ID to "af"!

PS:I install OSX in the second disk (active, and master, the 1st partition)

and I wanna know that it won't be started if OSX is in 2nd disk!


----------------my pc  info--------------------------------

cpu: amd sempron2800+ ( is it ok?) edit: i use cpu-z to fing out that it support sse sse2, sse3~!haha~)

disk: maxtor IDE 80G + noname 40G IDE

mem:ddr 512m

Integration Graphics:geforce6100 (is it ok?)

dvd rw s^msung

PS: old machine just for testing OSX



I appreacite it that anybody advice/support

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It's actually a lot easier if you have your OS's on their own HDDs. All you have to do is select the boot device from your BIOS by accessing the boot menu during startup; usually F8, F10, F11 or some other key. Check your BIOS manual on how to do that.



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thanks for your reply!

but I have tried that and it makes no difference.

I select the slave harddisk that OSX is in to first boot

and the screen prints " missing system ***" (maybe or so)

althought that, the pc is telling " there is none system in my hdds"


that's all! any advice? thank you very much!


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