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Dell Laptop and External Monitor


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I have an Dell E1705 with the internal GMA950 graphics card with 1920x1200 natively. I want to hook this up to my Dell 21" monitor but the highest resoltion this monitor supports is 1680x1050x32@60hz. If I press Fn + F8 on Laptop to switch to LCD/CRT at the highest resolution nothing happens, if it bring the resolution down to 1388x840 then I can swtich to monitor but everything is flickering and have this double lines visible on monitorm, if I switch back to the laptop the display is now also messed up and looks like it look on the monitor.


I tried adding "Graphics Mode"="1680x1050x32@60" in com.apple.Boot.plist but that does not help.


It looks like the laptop is not detecting the Display correctly, even if I go under System Preferences and click on Detect Displays, nothing.


Monitor is connected to my Dell with a DVI cable.


Surely someone else must have the same issue - please help.


Running Jas10.4.9

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