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  1. Hi I travel for work and when I am at the office I connect to a wireless network, then when I go back to the hotel I connect to either the wireless or the Ethernet at the hotel. This could be a network issue at the hotel but I thought I will post this and see if anybody else have similar experiences. It seems like my MacBook Pro sometimes takes a while to either reset/release the IP from the last network, I am guessing. For example when I put computer to sleep at office and go to hotel, get to hotel, plug ethernet in and open up computer to wake up from sleep, open Safari or Firefox, it can takes very long for page to come up (like 20-30 min) which configure the internet setting. I normally have to get the Hotel Internet Page, agree before it will allow me to go on the internet. First I thought it's just the local network but the another person that I work with had no problem with his old clunky dell laptop running windows. My system is the latest MBP 15" and I am running Leopard. Anybody ran into this issue - or know something I can do to refresh the IP or reset something, I even tried to go to network settings and renew IP, no difference. Sometimes it seems to help if I power down laptop - wait a few seconds and then power up again. So I have no idea what the problem can be - at home and office I normally have no issue but I am getting tired of struggeling everynight to get online. Thanks Jaco
  2. Hi, I got a new laptop for work and it's a Lenovo Thinkpad X61t and I hate windows I did not had a choice in the laptop. Would like to install osx86 on this laptop and since I had fairly good success on a Dell Laptop. The specs for this laptop are: * Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor T5500 (1.83GHz, 2MB L2, 667MHz FSB) * Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 DVI pass through (1440x900) * 2 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz SODIMM Memory * Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Wireless I assume I am going to have some problems with the 3945ABG Wireless - think it was the same card in the Dell that I had to replace with a DELL wireless 1390 (Will this card work in a Thinkpad?) I assume Graphics should be fine with GMA950 What about the following: 1) Does both cores work? 2) Ethernet? 3) Sleep? 4) Sound? Thanks
  3. Yes that is what I like about the MBP - it looks very solid and expensive where as the Macbook looks a little plasticy but I heard it's actually more durable than the aluminium case. The backlit keyboard is nice to have. I think I will wait a few weeks and see what apple comes up with for the MBP. I configured the Macbook and MBP with same amount of memory, same size harddrive, same 2.16 GHZ cpu and it looks like about a $600 difference between the two for: * 1440 x 900 vs 1280 x 800 * Backlit Keyboard * aluminium case * Option to upgrade to 3GB Ram instead of Max 2GB RAM Thanks Pedschgo, You just gave me an idea to look at a refurb MacBook pro and if I can get one for $300 less, then it might be a better deal for me, think I can live with a $300 difference for a MBP rather than $600.
  4. Hi, I am a swicther and about 8 months ago I stumbled onto OSX86 and installed it onto my Dell E1705, runs fairly well and the display is gorgious at 1920x1200. The problem though, I travel a lot and it's not the easiest laptop to use on an airplane, especially if you already kind of big and 6 foot 3" and get cramped into coach. There is no way this fits on your lap and when the guy in front of you recline - forget it. A few months ago I broke down and bought myself a Mac Pro Quad Core to work at home - beautiful machine. Then after working on it for a while I wished I could trade my Dell laptop for a real Mac because it has some problems with OSX, like sleep not working, one of the 2 core is not working, etc.... but I could not really justify replacing a fairly new laptop just yet. Then I found some one that was willing to buy my laptop at a reasonable price. Now I have a dilemma - which mac book to buy. I do a lot of amateur photography and some video editing (iMovie and maybe Final Cut Express but Final Cut Studio is too advanced and I just don't have that much time to spent on making Family movies) Of course I want a MacBook Pro, not because I need it, just because of the looks - it's so cool but I have already decided the 17" is out, if I do get one it will be the 15" model Now just 2 weeks ago apple refreshed the macbooks with faster processors which make my decission more difficult. Would 1280 x 800 vs 1440 x 900 really be worth the price difference because that is really all I want it for, I don't play games so the integrated videocard is fine, actually had it on my Dell and it worked just fine. I do want to run parallel on the macbook so that I can run some Windows programs that I need for work so I am planning on upgrading RAM to at least to 2GB. I mostly works with emails & Office documents during the day when I at work and it's at night that I can play on my machine with my photos etc, and really if I need to do the powerstuff I will do it on the Mac Pro at home over the weekends. Guess I just want to hear peoples opinions about what Macbook you think will work, I think the MacBook should be sufficient - it's just the thought of going from 1920x1200 to 1200x800 that really scares me! Althought I think 1920x1200 is almost to small for the 17" screen, have to zoom a lot in emails and word, excel documents because font is so tiny. Also I know Apple is probably going to refresh the Macbook Pro line soon, I am not sure if they can add much more speed to it, looked on intel site and it looks like 2.33 is about the fastest right now. What I would really hate if they dropped the price quite a bit, what are the chances of that? Love to hear your thoughts.
  5. Jaco

    Best March Quarter Ever for Apple

    I discovered OSX86 probably a month before the release of Vista, which at that point in time I thought was a great OS. Always knew macs were great for photos, videos and sounds but I was not sure how it will fit into the business world that is mainly driven by Windows Servers and VPN's. I just purchased myself a nice 17" Dell Laptop a few months before that so I had this great new laptop and playing with the idea if Vista is worth the money for when it will be released. Then I found this forum and my life changed forever. Fortunatly my laptop components were also very compatible with OSX86 and I got most of it working 100% except for Core Due (only running 1 CPU) and sleep. But for the rest everything else worked. I started testing it in my work situation, having dual boot setup on my machine just in case I had to switch back to windows for something. I felt safe. I was amazed how quickly I adjusted. Found a VPN client for the mac for my company VPN, which open the doors for me. Since I am a consultant and connecting to my emails mostly from remote areas, this was crucial that I get access to my emails, and other files. Got MS Office 2004 so I can open and create documents with people around me that works on Windows and Office and I found myself switching less and less to Windows until I was so comfortable with my OSX86 laptop that I finally decide to make a very BOLD move - I trash the Windows Vista Partiton. It's been 3 months now - never looked back and now when I have to do something on windows on someone elses computer, it feels so "restricted" and "cumbersome". I installed OSX86 on my home desktop but hardware was not as compatible as my laptop, so it worked, but with issues. I really wanted the desktop for my photo editing in Photoshop, Home movies, etc... Debated if I should spent the money on building my own hackintosh or not. Can build it and it will work great with current 10.4.9 but what about 10.5 - Leopord - will I will able to install it once it comes out on my hackintosh, if not then I just spend all this money and now I can't upgrade. I went out and got a Mac Pro Quad Core - Man I love it. Just the case it a work of art, beautiful design and by far the best computer I ever owned. No more problems installing patches or upgrades and everything works great and the speed is just incredible. Now I could start discovering applications like Final Cut Pro and Aperture and it runs with no problems and fast too. I can really start enjoying my mac. So when I am at my home office, I work on my Mac Pro, when I am on the road, my Dell Hackintosh. What is next. I'll give my Dell laptop another 6-12 months, have it for about a year now and I am also waiting for Apple to make updates to the Mac Book Pro line and then I will trade my Dell for a MBP as well and I will be a proud owner of 2 macs.
  6. Devilhood, I see in one of your earlier post you mentioned that you installed the Dell 802.11n Draft MiniCard - how is this working for you, can you enable all the security types on it, and it does detect as airport right ? I want to upgrade from Dell 1390 so that it will work with my Apple Extreme Draft N Router so that I can get better speeds. Thanks
  7. When you go into network settings for the first time after reboot you should get a message - Airport Detected and it will configure itself. I did the exact same thing, swapping out Intel 3945 with Dell 1490, but I did a clean install after I did that, but I don't think that should matter since the 3945 never worked. Well what I did was to disable the wireless - install JAS 10.4.8 and do the network.plist swap from 10.4.6 to make my ethernet work, once that was working and enable wifi in Bios - reboot and into network settings and it detects. I had to do it this way otherwise I ran into out of memory problems in Itunes when it tries to authorize my machine. Hope this helps.
  8. Jaco

    MacBook or Pro?

    Go for the low end macbook but load it up with RAM - 2GB - Photoshop loves RAM and it's amazing the difference between 1GB & 2GB. I would upgrade the HDD up to 160GB (5400rpm) - if space is more important than speed go for the 200GB (4500rpm) Defintely stick with the new Intel line rather than buying an old iBooks/Powerbook otherwise you will not be able to take advantages of Photoshop CS3 & Dreamweaver CS3. Personally I would go with the Macbook Pro just because of the screen size, but you stated that is not important.
  9. Ok, no responses so far - any other kind from Logictech, Creative, etc... Want to go buy it this weekend so I hope I get some responses before then.
  10. iSight - Sure if I can find one at a decent price but most people are crazy with the price on Ebay - $300+ and I need two so that get really expensive, one for me and one for the grandparents.
  11. Hi, I am looking for a webcam that will work with my Mac Pro and Hactintosh. I see most of logitech webcam are supported through the macam driver. Now my question is, is it worth it to spend the money on the higher end camera with all the features that I pressume is handled through software which is probably for Windows only. For example RightLight™ 2 Technology - will that even work under OSX Tiger 10.4.9 or I am just getting the basic video feed with this driver, which in that case I can buy the cheapest camera. I am looking at the following but not sure if I would waste my money - also heard that this camera will actually work without the macam driver. Anybody have this that can share experience. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products...=13132#Features I wannt to use this for iChat and Skype. Thanks
  12. Jaco

    20" vs. 24" iMac

    See - you done the right thing to go with Mac Pro! - You could not had a Dual Monitor setup with the iMac24". Check out www.macsales.com for memory later on, they are cheaper than apple.
  13. Jaco

    20" vs. 24" iMac

    Just gone throught the same exercise - iMac24" or MacPro. I decided to go with the MacPro, give you so much more upgrade options, you can load up to 4 x 750GB Drives in there - you can only have 1 in the iMac, and if youre into video editing, you need the space. And hopefully in a years time the 8 cores cpu will be cheaper than now and I will upgrade the CPU. Also if you really getting serious, you can add up to 4 videocards which each have their own monitor.
  14. Thanks Sabr, I will give it a try.
  15. I am running into some issue using Safari with some of the web pages, like one site is a web conferences site and when I try to join the conference it tells me browser incompatible and requires Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher. I tried with Firefox and installed IETAB that will fools the website thinking it's IE (worked in Windows) but it seems there are no IETAB version for OSX tiger! Anybody know of some other plugins that might do the trick, would love it if I can use Safari but Firefox will do as well if I can make it work. Thanks