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Fresh Start - choosing Mobo, CPU, video & RAID


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Hi Folks - I am having problems with my current PC (which is not OSX compatible), and am planning to upgrade the MoBo and CPU. It would be real cool if I could run OSX (as well as XP/Vista) for development testing (though I mainly work with Windows, coz I have to :-( )


I have previously (after several weeks of fiddling) got my dell Inspiron 6000 Laptop to run 10.4.7, but am now afraid to upgrade it in case it breaks, and as it has only SSE 2 and the wireless card is not recognised (and I cant burn cds), its a bit patchy and was extremely complicated to get working...


3 Questions:


1) Is there any setup I could implement that would allow me to use the automatic Apple system upgrades? or will I always have to juggle different torrents and patches to upgrade any non-apple system? (And will it all be back to the drawing board when apple release 10.5?)


2) What is the ideal setup in terms of MoBo, CPU, Video card (I use 2 lcd monitors off 1 card at the moment), DVD-writer, wireless, etc. preferably in relation to 1) above (bearing in mind I just want a workhorse, cost-effective and preferably eco-freindly machine, not a dragon) - suggestions would be welcome please (I looked for a topic like this but was unable to find it)


and finally ...

3) It is essential for me to run RAID 1 for safety and I currently have twin SATA drives installed. I understand that there are problems running RAID on OSX, but I have heard that the Syba PCI SATA2 cards based on the SIL3124 chipset are OSX compatible. I presume any RAID controller with OSX-86 drivers will work, but do such exist? Any comments on this?


NB. I was gonna make my next system a low-energy consumption one, but realise that combining this with OSX compatibility complicates matters, but if anyone has experience of this it would be useful to hear their thoughts...


Thanks a million,


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