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Second monitor screen saver problem

lord xeon

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My roommate has a Dell projector that we use to watch movies on. Usually we use his computer, but recently we've been using mine.


First, in order for osx to see the projector, it needs to boot up with it plugged in. That's not so big of an issue really, the issue comes when we're done watching the movie, and i go back to using my computer. We turn the projector off, and leave it.

After my computer turns the display off after 20minutes, if i move the mouse, or press any keys nothing happens, my screen still stays black, missing any input, its rather annoying.

The only thing i found to fix it is to hard reboot.

any ideas?


Also, after i disconenct the projector, osx still thinks that it's connected, and i sometimes loose my mouse on the extended screen, is there a way to turn the other display off?


and, for the record, i'm using JaS 10.4.8 with the Naitit drivers for my Nvidia Geforce 7600.

My lcd screen is connected via dvi, projector via dvi-vga converter.

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