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dell xps m1710

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ok i have 10.4.6 on my dell xps m1710 and im having trouble with my graphics card and wireless card it recognises my graphics but mine is a 512mb and it only sees 256mb.

and its running a little slow even though i have a intel core 2 duo

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wireless won't work if its an intel 3945AG.

512mb cards don't work i think.

dell's with core duo's have problems with both cores, 1 should be disabled.

should try a 10.4.8 install instead.


should post your hardware specs and do some reading as most of these are answered elsewhere.

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I got the m1710 Laptop. Installed with Kalyway 10.5.2 dvd. Important thing was to install the CPUS=1 fix and not install any video drivers at all.


Both ethernet and Wifi won't work. I almost made the Ethernet working but I get a Kernel Panic when I open a browser after 5 sec.


I got my Videocard working (Nvidia 7950 GTX 512mb). This was the most difficult part, but it was working after following that thread:Guide: Getting NVidia cards to work on Leopard with QE / CI - InsanelyMac Forum


Did not work after the command lines to reboot, but I put afterward the nvInjections 0.2.1 with Kext Helper and once I rebooted, I did not have to put command lines at Darwin and it was displaying full res without having the Black/blue screen issues.


I got my audio working properly by following that thread:



I got issues with my USB not working properly, but I think I got it resolved by selecting ONLY the vanilla kernel at the DVD install.


Good Luck!

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