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  1. thanks I just came out with a new variation. Feel free to use anywhere. Comments welcome. JonZ
  2. Hope you'll like: http://jonzy.deviantart.com/art/Hackintosh...er-v5-166584710 for more variations and ipod format. JonZ
  3. JonZ

    Hackintosh logo i've made

    I've done one myself for quite a while. You can download it on my deviantart page. http://jonzy.deviantart.com/art/Apple-Skull-110417872 Also a wallpaper: http://jonzy.deviantart.com/art/Hackintosh...er-v4-112694381 Enjoy!
  4. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    I've put my own crossbone into mine
  5. JonZ

    About This Mac Modifier

    Thanks, I could change my About without problem. The only thing that went wrong is it erased my previous system infos which I couldn't remember quite well and the true required image dimension to fit my skull into it:
  6. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    Well, I don't understand.. I can make the VGA working but not the DVI... oh well... Thanks for the help anyway
  7. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    Ok the Hp thing worked for me. I can't believe there's no other way to make a a bootable USB DOS other than Windows... Now I have another problem, when I try to start the plist editor it give me an error dialog box: codec overrun. Sorry to 'overrun' you with my many problems EDIT: bah, I went to get it myself on google. but just so you know, your zipped file has probably a bad checksum. So what I need to modify in plistedit? I guessed that you have to edit the plist inside the nvinject.kext, but I'm a bit lost in it. I see several references of NVCAP. The one that seems relevant to me is root>IOKitPersonalities>NVinject>entriesToAdd>NVCAP (data) Is that right? Even if it right, I can't make it work. You press FN+F8 to activate the dual screen right? because when I do so, the Hackintosh freeze, I have to press the power button for 4 sec to reboot. And I have the same NVCAP as you. Any ideas what goes wrong?
  8. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    well, that brings another problem.. How can you boot in DOS with a XPS?
  9. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    Not a chance, if you search in google and insanemac with broadcom 5752, you'd maybe find some guides, but only to detect the card. There's actually no working method to make the card working on the web browser. Broadcom BCM5752 [14e4:1600] - InsanelyMac Forum
  10. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    I think you'll have to pm me where to get the soft and how to do it, because I tried to register overthere and I never had a registration confirmation. So I can't access the tools.
  11. JonZ

    [Guide] XPS M1710 OS X Leopard

    How do you setup the NVCAP anyway? I thought these was to allow DVI to work without flashing your card but the drivers you submited (2.2.1) did not work as I expected.
  12. Yeah, I think Jalavoui needs some R&R and close this thread. If it gets nowhere and no willing to continue then there's no point to extend this one. If he feel to come back, it will just be the best that he briefly explain in his first post where he left and what he needs, that would give a chances to newbies and new developers to catch up instead of reading 120 pages. There's no point to continue this thread if it getting nowere, and new people will want to bug for new drivers because they always want anything ready cooked in their mouth, they don't realize how much is hard to develop drivers and how far the OSX86 has been since 2 years! I'm amazed to people like Jalavoui who are dedicated to deliver a such amount of time just to make things working for the community.