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ATI All In Wonder X1900

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like the title says, i need a solution to get my ATI All In Wonder X1900 to Work. I mean, i dont need the TV funtion or Radio function, but i want to use my Dell 30" with this card, of course with QE support.

So i need a kext who gives me DualLink DVI support too.


I tried many kexts, Natit, Neopheus ans so on. But nothing will work. (Even on my analog connection no Image)


Is here anybody, who can mod me a kext i can use my All In Wonder with my Dell 30"?


ID = 7249 (same like X1900XT)


P.S. i also tried Jccool Method Installer, because X1900XT do have same ID, but still no work! ^_^


Thx for ya help.

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No, did not try.

Problem is iam a little newbie in MacOSX, so i prefered the natit versions, because they have easy installer, i did not do any in console.


By the way, do you have a link for the boris files and instructions?



Thx a lot!

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