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  1. My card was working perfect, in OS X and in Windows. Now seems to be dead. Was bundled wit a ASUS Mainboard, so I can't return. Was a gift in the Mainboardbox.
  2. Seems to be my card is broken with Apple FW. If the Card is inserted now I got "Code 62 Check NVRAM" and no boot for a long time. If yes, it boots to Windows but no Connection with this card. When I remove the card all is running good. (Card was running native under 10.13.3)
  3. Yeah, you can't update the Firmware with "normal" way, because since Apple flashed their FW to the card the VEN/DEV Id is mismatching to the "Windows" FW like them on station-driver. Maybe someone will find a way to force a fw update (if they don't want the apple fw anymore)
  4. Yeah... but IONEtworkingFamily.kext is unchanged to 10.13.4 beta4. Even old, in 10.13.3, working kext is not working. Like I said, ids etc. for PCI Match still match, but card is just undetected by OS. Hope they will fix it with final 10.13.4. If not we "flushed" our 10GBit Cards with Apple FW, lost many Features (WOL etc) and is still not working in OS X native. (That was the plan why I did this)
  5. I think its a bug. Because IDs still matching to KEXT and now that even the Apple Firmware is on the Card it can't be another reason.
  6. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

    I only use Safari. This strange activity did come with update to 10.13.2. Before all was nice. Without this video playback in Safari, I get much activity to GPU sometimes to 100% (for a piece of a second). Would be nice how to fix this. Then we have back quiet VEGA in OS X. (Which is the best Card for OS X, I think.)
  7. [pre-release] macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

    Can you say something about Vega and the Fan Speed? I found a strange thing, fan is getting slower when playing a youtube video. Without I can see some activities even in Idle (on the AMD GPU Meter on the card). Maybe we can found what is causing this activity. In 10.13.0 this problem was not pressent.
  8. Hmm, maybe its just the Nvidia WebDriver? The Webdriver is full of bugs and in many cases bad performance. (Additional to this the AMD Kernel is destroying much performance, with Nvidia GFX more than with AMD GFX)
  9. I guess Apple is using Heatpipes for the Vega in the iMac Pro and is cooling the whole System with the 2 Fans. (including CPU...) I really think about buying a real iMac Pro (smallest Version). Its just a Masterpiece. Performance is really good and Cooling-System is good and quiet. (I never suspect that)
  10. Normaly OpenCL is way faster in Mac OS X, because its optimized. But other side, the OpenCL Driver for AMD in Mac OS X is buggy. (Blender Szene Fishy_Cat will be rendered without showing hairs) In Geekbench the CPU Test in MultiCore is almost as twice as good as in Windows. Mac OS X is performing much better there. I have the Water-cooled edition of the Frontier, I don't believe that it is a Fan Issue, its a general Issue. (Look on the GPU Meter on the Card, getting to 80% every few seconds. Thats the reason why Fan getting faster)
  11. The Problem is, in 10.13.2 the Vega is every few seconds in use and fan is getting faster. (Even on Desktop when card is in idle). Dont compare Windows with Mac OS X related to Benchmarks. Mac OS X is getting a much better score. (Dont know because of Drivers or of functionality)
  12. I had almost 190000 in Geekbench with my Vega Frontier LC and a Threadripper 1950x. I guess with an Intel it would go far over 200000. I just think about to sell my Threadripper 1950x and get a used 6950x or a new 1980xe.
  13. Thats strange. Normally the HDMI functionality is a part of the GPU and is not affected what CPU you are using (Intel or AMD) By the way, is there a fix for non Working Adobe Products that crashes on start? I use a 1950x Threadripper. Many things are working, but performance ist still far behind of Intel CPUs and the "Workflow" is a little like "stuttering". Greets
  14. GTX965m on Notebook (Optimus is disabled)

    Ok, thx for the info. So I can hope I can get an accelerated Desktop with Nvidia. Is it possible to share your config.plist file? And how can I find other NVCAP?
  15. GTX965m on Notebook (Optimus is disabled)

    Same Result. So is Optimus disabled in my Case? How can I find out whats the reason of not working?