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Oh my gawd my DVD doesn't boot! - solved.


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First of all, posting those kind of topics has no to little use, unless you're able to specify several things:


Hardware, meaning you give detailed information on your:


- Motherboard, Chipset, socket, AGP/PCI-e bus + optional information

- Processor, clockspeed isn't really important, just give the brandname, socket, and wether it supports PAE, SSE2 and or SSE3.

- Graphics Card, brand (e.d. ATI / Nvidia ) serie number (e.d. x1600XT / 7600GT ) and the amount of memory (e.d. 128MB / 512MB)..


The error message, people can't guess why your system hangs at the boot screen.. you need an error message. To get that, you have to set a certain boot-flag, in our case '-v'. -V tells the system to boot in verbose mode so it gives a diagnostic output of what is going on, in your case it will most likely report the error, example, "Still waiting for root device".


where do I type '-v' ?




There ;)




If you can give that information in your topic you might just be lucky and get a response. 95% of the time though, your answer is already out there, it's called 'search'. You're not the first to encouter a kernel panic, Still waiting for root device error or the HFS partitioning error, people have been there, fixed it and moved on. Don't say you can't find anything, there's enough, really.




To come back to the subject though, a list of known booting issues from hd/dvd.


"Still waiting for root device" means that your system can not find a bootable drive.


check the wiki for possible solutions: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...for_root_device




The HFS partitioning error often means the MBR is damaged. If you install Vista or anything windowz related it's a common 'error' that the OS X drive becomes unbootable, to fix it set your drive back to "ID=AF" again. Here's a link to a possible solution:






Might add more later, I just got horribly pissed at all the *noobs* bumping their useless threads every hour.

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