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how to turn my screen power off?


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LightMe 1.5 is a small preferences panes and background daemon that allows you to change brightness and power of your monitor with customizable keyboard shortcut. Using Lightme you will can reduce to a preset value the brightness, restore it to the last value (and with anther click of your restore shortcut you can switch to the max value) and poweroff the monitor.


Lightme core is a little lightweight background daemon compatible both with Intel and PPC processor. You can install it at login, activate or deactivate it with a simple click from preferences pane.


For Lightme, you can use the kb shortcut to turn off screen completely. Install prefpane, set the preferences, install at login, log out, and finally log back in.


There are other apple scripts/screen saver you can use to turn off the LCD, but it takes 2min for the screen to turn completely black/off.


edit: here's another alternative: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry352988

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