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Hp dv6000t or dell E1505/6400

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I am terribly confused regarding hp dv600t and dell E1505, because I know the forum says dell works good with osx86, but I couldn't find enough information on hpdv6000t series.

The config I am looking for is

cpu t7200 core 2 duo 2 GHZ

ram 2GB (667 Mhz)

100 GB HDD @7200 rpm

nvidia geforce 7400 Go 256 MB

well thats about it.

I actuallt like the build quality much more than the dell 1505..

so was wondering does dual core work with hp's notebook or do i have to diable one core anyways..??

Also any other recommendation for running osx86 would be appriciated..



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Get the dv6000t with Geforce 7400 and you will have a fully functional macbook !


The only thing that will not work is the Intel wireless and some programmer is working on it now .




Don't get the dell with x1400 graphics as it will not work this 3d acceleration in the laptops display.



hope this help.

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The dv6000t sounds good, but I don't think they have sound working, yet. Prepare for a USB solution in this case. Do read the forum site here before you buy.


I think their build quality is quite good, some ppl do complain that they make a whine noise, although my friend has one and it's quiet...so...


DO NOT get intel 3945 wireless (which is an option), get the default wireless option, which is broadcom and will work in OS X.


I think you may have to disable a core for it to work...(edit) No, ppl reporting dual-core works :D


Also check out the Acer 5570, which I know is slightly uglier, but enjoys full compatibility.

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