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BIOS Boot Logo's


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This is hackintosh related.


I really dislike the text boot on Peecee's. So being a mac user I decided to do something about it. I remembered that a few years ago on this Pentium 4 gigabyte board (Gigabyte) that I could change the BIOS logo/POST Screen. I currently had a hackintosh machine with a gigabyte board so I decided to do a little research but came up blank.


I rebooted my hackintosh into windoze seeing if there was something I could do when it came to me! So I searched through my piles of CD's and found the Motherboard CD for my current motherboard. Seached the disk and found Facewizard. I was in business. I had already made a custom load screen on Photoshop. I converted it to 8bit BMP, opened up facewizard, loaded the BMP and re-flashed the BIOS. Rebooted and Success. No more boring text! Loaded MacOS X in all its graphical beauty and It felt like a real mac!


I will post up a youtube link later.


Has anyone here done something similar?

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