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A Stop Sign! WTH is this.....


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Hello the great people of InsanelyMac,


I have recently tryed to install OSX86 on my PC, My specs are:


AMD Athlon 64 FX-57

GA-K8N Ultra-SLI

1x 300gb Sata (windows)

1x 500gb sata (mac)



I recently wanted to put Mac onto my new computer (this above). But for some reason after installation and after booting for first time, it gets to the page where the apple logo is and the spinning twirly thing. But then after about 5 mins it comes up with a stop sign.




This odviously isnt ment to happen because it just hangs forever and the twirly thing just keeps going round.


Can someone help me out.... cause all my hardware is supported....




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yes i have the same problem and i cant find any one who has any answers as to how to fix it but i know it works because if i sit there and keep restarting it, it will load and work just like a mac if not better its just a little temperamental at the beginning and its getting annoying!



intel core 2 duo 3.0ghz

1 - 750gb sata

Nividia 6200( yeah i know its old but i had it laying around and i dont game)

4gb ocz DDR3 ram

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