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adium idle status

lord xeon

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ok, im using adium for my aim, msn, and google talk, for aim and msn it works fine, and actually, it works fine for google talk for all but one contact, we'll call it Garth.


one contact is forever listed as avaliable, even though when i go to my google talk plugin on my google homepage, he's listed as idle.

everyone else that is listed as idle on the plugin has a Red speach bubble next to their name. Garth has a green speach bubble next to him.

At first i thought that it was because i created an address book listing of him with his AIM screen name, and i thought that the AIM name was causing him to never be idle/away. So i deleted the aim name, then the address book listing, and still no luck.

I also deleted Garth from my list and readded him, still always green. Any ideas on how to fix this would be awesome, cause i talk to garth alot, and its useless if he's always around, but not really.

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