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P5B OR P5W Edit: Commando?

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I'm planning to buy a new rig in the next day or two. I need motherboard advice. From what I understand, you can get higher FSBs on the P5B when over clocking, but users here seem to recommend P5W for hackintoshs. Any information, pluses and minuses about these boards or any other mobos you guys recommend.


My needs... very good over clocking results combined with near perfect compatibility with OS X (including best chance compatibility with future OS X versions).


Please give me your :)



Edit: I'm leaning towards the P5W DH Deluxe/WiFI. I want to get the best setup for OS X. Is there anything else with better compatibility/over clocking? Please, someone push me over the edge if this is the best board. (I'll be pairing it with an e6600 C2D, and 2G GSkill HZ ram. Hoping to get the chip running at 3.6 or higher).


EDIT 2: I've decided to get a 1333mhz FSB capable board. That leaves me with few choices. I'm currently looking at the Intel Commando, as it just got a bios update for 1333 FSB compatibility. The Commando is untested for OS X that I know of, but it does have an Intel chipset (better chance of compatibility). I was looking at the P5N32-E SLI Plus but it looks like many here have had major problems with OS X. Please give me any other working 1333mhz FSB motherboards that may be compatible. Have I overlooked any other choices?

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New question for all of you. Should I instead get a mother board that is capable of 1333mhz FSB? I may upgrade down the road to quad core, and by then the quad cores will run at 1333 fsb. Will the extra bandwidth make a huge difference, or should I stick with 1066 fsb? Anyone know of a fully compatible 1333 asus mother board? :wacko:

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you really should you the search function both boards have there own threat


P5W deluxe

discusion/ help




1066mhz is the limit






Candykane, I've read every thread you've posted. The problem is, there's no definitive answer on what the better motherboard for OS X is. That's what I'm asking.


1066 being the limit is starting to bug me, and has slowed down my purchase. Now I'm searching for a good 1333 mobo that works as good as the P5W. The only Commando I see on NewEgg is this (not 1333) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813131149. Maybe there's an updated board somewhere else?

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Yes with an update of the bios you can reach 1333Mhz FSB

Kingskawn, are you positive? I've read rumors of an upcoming 1333mhz bios change, but never confirmed it. Is that update out?

EDIT: It looks like your right Kingskawn. A bios update apparently bumps it up to 1333mhz.


I'm also looking into the P5N32-E SLI Plus, but haven't had a chance to read about it's compatibility with OS X. The P5N has a 1333mhz FSB.

EDIT: {censored}, it looks like the P5N32-E SLI Plus is out of the question for OS X. Guess I'm back to checking out the Commando.


The Commando has an intel chipset, so chances are good it'll work with OS X. Anyone see any glaring problems with this boards compatibility? I guess I could buy it, test it, and return it if need be.

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