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Software Updates, Why AMD works and CPUID


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Hi. I think maybe the problem why the security and system updates themselves via the software update will cause a hackintosh with a Jas 10.4.8 (Intel/Amd, semthex, beta 2) to not boot is because these two updates changes the hackintosh's CPUID from Intel Developer Transition System or Apple Development Platform to one of the genuine Mac's CPUID. When it boots with these two updates, it reboots. It reboots maybe because it's like the BSOD on Windows where, when you upgrade to a new motherboard, your current installation of Windows XP does not recognize the motherboard's chipset because another chipset's drivers are installed. Dell and probably most branded computers work with these two software updates could be that they both have the same sub component suppliers.


If there's a permanent way to change the CPUID of the hackintosh in the semthex kernel or one of those kext or related files (extensions, etc.) to a an iMac for example, it will work with those two software updates flawlessly. The only limiit could be, unless you have a working Xeon installation, is that the ID would be limited to that of an iMac. If there's a thread on the net or here that has a solution for that, please post.


Also, I think the reason why AMD hackintoshes work is because there really is a genuine AMD Developer Transition System Mac in the labs of Apple for the reason that if you look at the Mac OSçpdate in the Software Update tool, it says (Intel) as if you can choose between an AMD and an Intel or else it wouldn't even be written as such. It's natural that Apple tries both AMD and Intel before deciding really which CPU to announce to the world. It is possible that they will be surprising us again by releasing an AMD version in a few years should its CPU roadmap become better than Intel's. Apple might tell us again that "just in case" thing like it did with the PowerPC. Apple just likes to have no limitation or lock with any vendor which is good because its trying to be the best gadget maker in the world.


By the way, those whose Dell works flawlessy with the Security and Mac OS X updates, can you run Xbench and see what kind of Mac it finds when you click Submit as well as what Machine Name appears on the System Profiler (About this Mac menu)? Thanks.

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