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ECS P4M800Pro-M v2 with Intel Core 2 Duo E4300

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Does everything work on this board with Jas 10.4.8/10.4.9 - if not please list what is working and what not. I have read a lot of post in this forum and it sound like it's working for the most part but get mixed feedback on some things.


This is what I found so far.


* Onboard Lan/Network need to be fixed

* Don't care so much about SATA right now.


I read somewhere that the USB is broken after Jas 10.4.8 - is this true and is there a fix for it ?


I have a stable OSX86, considering this to get a Core 2 Due CPU but I don't want to break anything else that is working right now.


Any other feedback on this board is also welcome.Thanks so much.

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I had an i865 chipset (Asus P5PE-VM) P-ATA based machine running very stable OS X 10.4.6 with a Pentium D 925 (3.0GHz). Upgraded to an i945 (Asus P5L-VM 1394) P-ATA based machine with Intel Core 2 Duo e4300 and 10.4.6 will not boot ( and I don't think Darwin is recognizing SSE3 instructions for the C2D). The new machine runs 10.4.8 OK but I still cant get NIC (Netgear FA311) to work.


I'm going to check on the PCI support kexts next as IONetworkingFamily.kext from 10.4.6 did not solve the problem.






PCIFamily kext worked wonders. 10.4.8 + ASUS P5L-VM 1394 i945G + e4300 BSEL mod at 2.4~3.0GHz working great (still using USB audio due to laziness)!

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