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Airport update 2007-02 on MacBook

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As this should be a well known issue I'm really surprised I couldn't find any in-depth topic on insanelymac. (unless I'm having my usual luck with search engines again...)


The thing is, I more or less inadvertently downloaded the latest Airport update to my MacBook and after rebooting the connection to my D-Link router became very dodgy. To the point that I couldn't even connect at all, the WPA password wasn't saved and I had to permanently re-enter it, I couldn't get an IP from the router etc.....


I've seen long threads on other Mac sites discussing this issue and apparently there's no truly usable fix from Apple in sight. It was also stated that this issue doesn't occur with Apple's airport router. Some Mac users were already talking about buying an Apple router (!! Apple's mission accomplished??), others kept insisting on Apple to deliver a fix.


Anyway I used my own method to get around this by reinstalling OSX from scratch and carefully avoiding this Airport update.


Would have been interesting though to hear in detail from one of the tech gurus here how this could be fixed without reinstalling OSX.

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