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dell latitude d600 osx86 10.4.8?

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hey all, well ill start like this,

im just testing out the osx, im hoping that anything i mention isnt wrong or out of place.

i own a dell latitude d600 laptop.

Specs: intel centrino 1.8ghz, 512mb ram, 30gb hdd, dvd/cd-rw, ati radeon mobility 32mb, broadcom 570x internal nic, intel 2200 wireless

osx86 versions.. i have 10.4.3, i install it works, but no network, sound, wireless, pcmcia, nothing works, except for the hdd and dvd and trackpoint, no usb either,

i also have the jas 10.4.8 amd/intel setup also, but i install and all i get is a whiteish grey screen, and it does nothing, im stuck guys, any kind of help would be the best, im just startin out messin around with other os's like linux and osx, just breakin the ice, so dont mind my newbness,


so like i said, im stuck, if you can give any advice, links, or help,

thanks so much

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ok, and do i post the info here?

will i get some kind of help... lol

im just really waitin to see if i van get this running, ;):)

also where and when do i type in -v,

at boot, when it asks for f8 boot options?

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I used a jas DVD to install 10.4.7 without a hitch on my d600. what wifi card do you have it might be part of the problem, the truemobile versions can be made to work as they have a broadcom chipset but intel cards may not still be working (it's been about 5 months since i played with my d600). Video will never be great as the radeon9000 mobility can only have the resolution changed no QE/CI. I'll try to look back and figure out what DVD i used to make the install. I think it was a 10.4.5 DVD that i did a combo update with...have to check though. also checkout the other D600 threads out there for info and post what you find in verbose mode. (-v at startup)

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beuatiful, i will try the best i can, as i only have the dell d600 and no other pc, i have 2 hdd's i have my 120gb that has xp on it, then i have my original 30gb that im testing osx on, my wireless card is an intel wireless 2200 card

also i have msn too, if anyone wants to give me tech support... lol!!!

tnap1979njw at h.o.t.m.a.i.l.c.o.m


oh yes and before i forget, i have the 10.4.3 disc, or 10.4.6, i forget now, and i have the 10.4.8 disc also,

the first one works fine, but no nothing working, the 10.4.8 disc hangs at a whiteish grey screen with a kinda grey border, and thats as far as it will go

i tried installing the 10.4.3, then upgrading with 10.4.8, and installation fails after done

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The D600 will take the 10.4.8. As long as your installation/DVD isn't corrupted, you should be fine.


Hit F8 after you've installed and rebooted before it attempts to prompt the OS into the interface. Ensure you're installing on a single partition and not the default 2 partition format when you select the journaled drive - it will hose the install. Type -v -s as your attributes and hit enter. It should boot straight to single-user mode and show you everything that is taking place. If you get to a command prompt and have logged in, you can either type dmesg and enter to get your last boot screen or navigate to /var/log/ and type pico system.log to see the same.


I can't speak for the wireless card, but the onboard Ethernet will need to have some modification down to the broadcom kext to get it to work properly for installs under 10.4.8.


All of this is covered on this website, you just need to dig through a few threads to find it. Please do a search and try all the options shown before you end up having to post a redundant question. I had similar installation difficulties, but a quick search revealed the answers I was looking for.

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