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Grrr. Graphics not working!!!!!!!!!

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Hi. I had OS X with the image with the "bovinity" password installed on VMware, perfectly fine, minus some expected slowness.


So, now i got that same image installed on the Dell Inspiron 1150 of mine (Same computer that ran VMware) and, some oddities:


1) Refuses to boot without platform=OSX86

2) Runs at 800x600 (wont boot if i put it with 1024x768)

3) BIG problem. My main concern. OS X runs fine. BUT, the graphics card, which worked fine under VMware, is now bugging out. It's black and white, fuzzy, distorted, hard hard to read, and the mouse randomly disappears after a while (but i can still play the "guess where the mouse is!" game with it, and itll apparently press). why is this? how can i fix it?


My graphics card... Intel 852GMV.

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Got mine to work by installing appleintel830.kext and appleintelintegrated.kext and removing appleintel915.kext. I had to edit both the 830 kext and integrated kext and change the pci device ID to the correct values.


Computer: Dell Inspiron 1150

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