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Install/BOOT problem.....


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1st off thanks to all that have made this possible for us.


I got hold of the marklar-tiger image with the correct MD5. I have patched it and I have the correct MD5 according to this guide:




I used Nero to burn the ISO to a dvd.


My problem is that it will not boot past the initial gray apple screen. I have tried the various switches at darwin boot ie -x: -v and platform=x86pc. The last gave me errors and told me to use the powerswitch to re-boot. Here are some images of the boot.







I have read for hours and hours......im lost. I saw some post that it could be IDE or video. Somewhere i read that the Marklar image needed to be patched for use on SS3 processors. True??? Any ideas?


My specs are:

ASUS P4P800-E Delx

P4 3.0 (478)

2GB ram dual DDR


Plextor PX-708 DVDR/CDR


Here is a dump from CPU-Z




I wanted to set this up as doal boot between win ans os x. I am using an IDE HD with a win partition and I left 1/2 of the drive unformatted for os X to use, but I cannot get past whatever is holding the system. I even let it sit for 10 min @ the gray apple screen hoping it would go. Does the drive need to be blank??


Sorry for the long post. Thanks in advance,



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I'm having this same problem on my athlon64 3200 machine. I've battled it for several months and i havent found any kind of answer. i've tried ripping out every single piece of hardware and changing every bios setting i could find with no results. this post probably isnt much of a help, but at least you're not the only one with the problem. what's really baffling me is that we have completely different hardware.

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Hi da_hammer


I have download the same iso file with u and I do follow the same procedure form the website that u offered.

Now I have same problems with u guys.

Since pass the black screen to the apple screen, I can only watch the wheel spin over and over again.

And I find my DVD drvice work hard and seem it can't get some part of data from it.

And that's it.


now I an downloading another iso file from some other where. Have u try other DVD source?

Or did u find the way to install it?

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