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XP-->x86 filesharing with deadmoo?


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I can not connect my XP pc to my x86 using file sharing..

My XP machine can ping my x86, but i cant connect using \\ipaddy\username


I've turned on filesharing and Windows sharing, and turned off the Mac firewall..


Has anyone been able to get this working, or can you try it?


I'm using 10.4.1 deadmoo




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works with me perfect. but pc->mac transfers are very fast. but Mac to pc transfers are hell slow. Try disabling windows firewall



What i did-

1)Assigned both machines IP address

2)Enabled Windows Filesharing in MAC OS. look around, somewhere in System Prefs->Network

3)Accessed MAC by \\ipaddress

4)Asked for USER and PASS

5)Typed in USER and PASS

6)Wheeeeee its working

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