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  1. Can't reboot & Wireless trouble with D-Link

    The fact that the USB Wireless works in Windows means nothing.. OS x aint Winders! find the newest Ralink (i think it's called) drivers for OS x and install.. that should fire up the adaptor.. .
  2. For us Windows users, this would be referred to as a "Feature" ... "Designed to save your internet bandwidth" .
  3. Spotlight problems

    my spotlight acts funky too.. for one, it's slowww.. seemed much faster on deadmoo. second, mine always searches my NTFS drive FIRST.. THEn my Mac drive - and it wont let me specify to NOT search the NTFS (or anything) in the Prefrences.. man.. i want my $ back! oh.. wait.. nevermind.. .
  4. the monitor has to support the refresh rate that you specify, or you'll get a jumbled mess or "out of range" message on the screen. But, x86 will ignore a specifed refresh rate if it thinks your video card is only VESA2 ..
  5. Non-torrent URL pls.

    Most P2P apps (well, Shareazza at least) allow you to specify what port(s) to use.. i.e.; you could use Port 80, which if you can access this website, isnt blocked.. .
  6. . #4 - Yep.. i can print no problem to my Epson (but, can't print to my Sony Dye-sub) #5 - Mac Office 2004 runs fine .
  7. Build 8F1111g ??

    havnt we been thru this already? the "g" starting showing up after one of the newer Maxxuss' Kernel's... (i think?) ...
  8. What would you PAY for a LEGIT copy of MacOSx86?

    $149.99 +tax ..and maybe even shipping. .
  9. I have almost completed the plunge.

    Ditto and DITTO! i've been slowy "Mac-intizing" my life.. actually starting 2 years ago when i "Macified" the look of my XP - all the way to the Dock.. For the last month i've been doing more and more on my Dell Dimension running OS X-86 and now i'm shopping for my (FIRST) new Mac.. For Sale: Dell Diminsion 8300 3Ghz, 1.5GB RAM 80GB HD + 120GB HD (NEW) HP i740 DL +/- R with LightScribe DVD Burner High-Speed DVD ROM (Great for ripping) Logitech QuickCam 3000 USB Webcam NEC 17" LCD flatscreen FULLY Loaded - MS Office 2003, Photoshop and lots more NAV 2005 PrePaid subscription thru 2007 Win XP Home SP-2 make a SERIOUS offer !
  10. apps refusing to run

    i solved all of my lingering problems by doing a full, fresh, clean install using 10.4.3 and Maxxuss' newest kernel (via Jas' PPF).. why not try that? ?
  11. Do you have Quartz Extreme or Core Image?

    i have 2 machines running x86.. one has both, the other has neither.. knowing what i'm missing makes me want it.. if i had never seen it, i probabl would'nt miss it.. .
  12. (for those who may be interested) I did a full 'wipe & re install' with Jas's v3 patches, than applied Maxxuss' v4 kernel.. My studdering sound is gone and i picked-up 3 or 4 points on my Xbench.. w00t ! still cant get AGP or QE to work with my Radeon 9000, but i wasnt expecting any miracles ..
  13. how much difference is there in Maxxuss' most recent kernel for 10.4.3 and the his very first one? If i do a complete reinstall, would that fix my 'studdering sound' or make any other improvments ? or should i not bother since everything works great..except for the studdering sound, and it's a bit slow.. Dell Dimension 8300, 3Ghz P4 SSE2 .
  14. i am using 8F1111g - but i've upgraded it a few times to get here.. can anyone confirm that a fresh install will correct the studdering sound issue? ?
  15. i know i shouldnt complain because i see that many people dont have ANY sound, but the 'studdering' sound is almost as bad as no sound! I've got the newest kernel from Maxxuss, but i still have the studdering sound - making iTunes UNusable.. I've adjused the settings and i can speed up or slow-down the studdering (pausing in the sound), but i cant get it to go away. has anyone found a fix for this, or should i just shutup and wait? ? Dell Diminsion 8300 SoundMax Integrated Audio .